How to Make your Lake Tahoe Wedding Event Extra? 

With its large, clear, cobalt blue freshwater lake and beautiful beach scenery, who wouldn’t love Lake Tahoe’s wonders? In fact, it is known for its beaches and ski resorts that are perfect for a wedding destination. So if you are planning to do something extra for your wedding event, good music, sweet presentation, well-lit venue, and good planning can add to make your event more special. In fact, we at Cornerstone Entertainment can be your companion by providing you a memorable Lake Tahoe Wedding DJ services and more that can make you and your guests remember your wedding event. 

Wedding Event Extra

Why Cornerstone Entertainment? 

  • Cornerstone Entertainment makes sure your wedding is covered with an extra layer of special services such as DJs, photo booths, and event planning. 
  • We care about your wedding as much as how you care and prepare for it. 
  • We make events well-loved by providing guests a good mood and fun live party. 

What are the Lake Tahoe Wedding DJ services we provide? 

  • Music 

We can make your guests enjoy and be happy in your wedding event with a great music mix. We have a wide variety of song choices and play everything that the guests want to hear. 

  • Announcements 

With great microphone skills of your speaker, your wedding event will never be a boring one! We in Cornerstone Entertainment are home of professional, classy, and entertaining DJ. 

  • Two sound systems 

Back up your wedding event with a good sound system. They provide audio system during the ceremony and in reception too. 

  • Wireless Microphone 

To make sure that your event and the wedding vows are well-heard by your guests, wireless handheld microphones are provided for the bride, groom, and even your guest. Plus, there will be a wireless headset microphone for the officiant for your wedding. 

  • Dance Floor Lighting 

Appreciate dance floor even more with disco lights your guest can really enjoy. This will surely set up the mood of the dance floor atmosphere. 

  • Event planning 

Having a hard time planning for the ceremony and reception schedule? We got your back! We can be in charge of the reception schedule and we can coordinate with your wedding planner for a more successful wedding event.  

  • Lighted Monograms 

Want to love dance floor lights even more? Make it unique as we can put your names on the wall and even on the dance floor with our high-powered projector. 

  • Slideshows 

Want something sweet tribute to share with your guests too? A special video slideshow is perfect to let your guests feel your love story even more. We provide a high-powered projector routed to our sound system that can show beautiful images and video. 

  • Remote Ceremonies and Mobile Power 

If your wedding event is in a remote location where there is no electricity provider, we can actually serve you with a battery powered audio system. This battery-operated system is non-distractive like a noisy generator that will surely ruin the tranquility of your wedding ceremony. 

To make your wedding event loved and remembered here in Lake Tahoe, we in Cornerstone Entertainment have full DJ services that can go beyond with your expectations. For your Lake Tahoe Wedding DJ services, we are located at 1034 Emerald Bay Rd #158 South Lake Tahoe, California. You may also visit us or call us at 530-545-1831.